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A great society needs artists. This airdrop is a thank you to the artists and their ability to bring creativity onchain. Your contributions play a vital role in the Optimism Collective.
OP Logo10.3M OP to 27.5K addresses
OP Logo19.4M OP to 31.9K addresses
OP Logo11.7M OP to 308.0K addresses
OP Logo200.1M OP to 248.7K addresses

About airdrops

Optimism has committed to giving 19% of the total initial token supply to the community through airdrops. Approximately 13.03% remains for future airdrops. Learn more

Airdrops target constructive participation—ensuring that tokens go to contributors. Past airdrop eligibility criteria does not guarantee eligibility in future airdrops.

About governance

The Optimism Collective is governed by two houses: the Token House and Citizens' House. Together, they enable Optimism’s collaborative ecosystem to grow and flourish.

In order to claim tokens via airdrop, you must delegate your tokens for participation in governance. You retain 100% ownership of your tokens, but your delegate wields their voting power. Select and make changes to your delegate at

Interested in governance? Learn more